Yoga Tour

Meditation at a beautiful temple at sunset or sunrise, doesn’t it sounds revitalizing the entire body? We at Bhagsu will take you on a soulful journey where you will get a chance to visit India’s most amazing and beautiful temples, ashrams, mountains, rivers, shrines, and other locations.

Here day will start with nutritious vegetarian food after yoga at a new location each day. Here are some attractions we cover under this lovable tour:

  • Cultural programs will connect you with Indian culture
  • Bhajan, kirtan, satsang, dancing, and mantras during the tour will keep you fresh and you will not feel any type of tiredness during travel.
  • Asana, meditation and pranayama classes at wonderful ancient locations will take you to a life-changing experience and you will feel blessed with its benefits.
  • 15 to 30 days spiritual yoga tour to cover all pious locations in India
  • Sadhna and arti during temples and ghat visit.

This spiritual tour will refresh and re-energize your soul completely. The main reason of Bhagsu behind organizing this yoga tour is to reduce the stress in your brain and body and recharge your self to fight with daily challenges. The positive vibes will enter inside after this soulful journey and yoga practice at such a lovely ancient location.

To join us on this tour please contact, and be a part of this fabulous yoga journey. For detailed information about yoga tour registration, charges, and schedule, you can also visit our website. Register now and enjoy the most fruitful yoga tour with Bhagsu yoga.

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course At Dharmasala

Start DateEnd Date DurationApply
15 February 201910 March 201927 DaysApply Now
15 March 201910 April 201927 DaysApply Now
15 April 201910 May 201927 DaysApply Now
15 May 2019 10 June 201927 DaysApply Now
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15 November 2019 10 December 201927 DaysApply Now
15 December 202010 January 202027 DaysApply Now
15 February 202010 March 2020
27 DaysApply Now

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