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Reiki is a universal love and light that works as a divine link between one’s spiritual conscience and the supreme spiritual soul of the universe. This is a practice that helps people heal the soul of oneself as well as others. It helps people recognize their natural ability to heal through loving touch. The best thing about Reiki is that is always works for the positive of the practitioner without causing any harm.

Bhagsu Yoga is a well-known Yoga Teacher Training centre in Dharamshala that also offers professional Reiki course. It is one of the best places if you are looking for Reiki course in Dharamshala. Experienced Reiki trainers teach you the effective technique of healing body and mind. The course offered by us can be joined by aspiring teachers as well as the people interested in working with them for a better health. Bhagsu Yoga offers Reiki courses of various durations for students with different needs.

How you get benefited by learning Reiki from Bhagsu Yoga:

  • You become a conscious person guided by the higher consciousness
  • Your life becomes balanced, whole and complete with healing of all 7 body layers
  • You bring light to your soul and energy in your body
  • You learn the Reiki practice technique to enlighten the world
  • You become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher who can spread the knowledge with the world as a trainer

Level I

The first level of training will equip you to physically heal yourself and others. This training, open to anyone and everyone,It say with or with our prior experience, teaches you how to use your own vital life force for the benefit of healing.

Level II

The second level of training, offered only once you have completed level I, equips you to use the healing energy to a greater extent. The three vital skills learnt at this level are protection of your own self, your home and others; emotional, psychological and behavioural healing; and distance healing. Usually, three months of practice of Level I healing is recommended before you opt for level II training.

Level III

The third or the Master level equips you to channelize the universal energy to the benefit of healing. With level III comes the realisation that you are the Master of your own life.

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course At Dharmasala

Start DateEnd Date DurationApply
15 February 201910 March 201927 DaysApply Now
15 March 201910 April 201927 DaysApply Now
15 April 201910 May 201927 DaysApply Now
15 May 2019 10 June 201927 DaysApply Now
15 June 201910 July 201927 DaysApply Now
15 July 201910 August 201927 DaysApply Now
15 August 201910 September 201927 DaysApply Now
15 September 201910 October 201927 DaysApply Now
15 October 201910 November 201927 DaysApply Now
15 November 2019 10 December 201927 DaysApply Now
15 December 202010 January 202027 DaysApply Now
15 February 202010 March 2020
27 DaysApply Now

Join Bhagsu Yoga to discover Reiki in the foothills of Himalayas in Dharamshala.
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