Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training india

The actual meaning of ashtanga yoga is eight-limbed yoga.  The eight limbs are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayam,  Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. Ashtanga is the best source to live healthy life with happiness, devotion, peace, discipline, consciousness and forgiveness. This is very important to practice Ashtanga perfectly and under a right guidance, if you actually want to get facilitated with its benefits.

At Bhagsu Yoga, we also provide professional teacher training programmes for your carrier growth in the yoga field. The perfect guidance of well-trained and experienced teachers at Bhagsu Yoga will make your learning quick and effective to get physical, mental and other ashtanga benefits.


At Bhagsu we have some very special and suitable teachers training programs for Ashtanga. You can check below for your suitable course:

200 hours Ashtanga teachers training program

This program is for all, beginners and experienced both yoga students can join this special program to sharpen their skills. Below are the main highlights of this teachers training program.

  • Yoga Alliance certification
  • Holistic study
  • Use of linear props
  • Teaching philosophy, methodology, anatomy, and physiology
  • Pranayam, kriyas, meditation, and chanting
  • Accommodation

300 hours Ashtanga teachers training program

This is a high-level program to raise your standard as an Ashtanga yoga teacher. Beautiful location with green views at a very reasonable price will attract you.

Check enrollment details for more information about fees course dates, teaching techniques etc. We at Bhagsu will help you in the overall development of your brain, body, and soul with the amazingly fruitful Ashtanga yoga teachers training program.

8 Elements of Ashtanga Yoga


Yama teaches us to practice in discipline and the attitude that a yoga practitioner should have towards the world.


It is made up of five rules- cleanliness, contentment, burning of desire, self spiritual study, and surrender to god. These teach us the attitude we should have towards ourselves.


This is the sixth element of Ashtanga, practiced for concentration.


This is the fourth stage of Asthanga Yoga, which means regulation of the breath. It helps the yoga practitioner control the body by controlling breath.


This prepares the mind for meditation by withdrawing it from the senses and the sense objects, yet remaining aware of the inner process.


It is all about seating in a comfortable and steady posture when practicing yoga. Asanas can be easy to hard base on one’s level of progress in yoga training.


Also known as meditation, Dhyana is the absorption of the mind on one object, point or thought.


Eighth and the last element of Ashtanga Yoga is Samadhi where the person loses self-consciousness or the sense of ‘I’. This the stage where yogi experiences the State Of Bliss and Joy.

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course At Dharmasala

Start DateEnd Date DurationApply
15 February 201910 March 201927 DaysApply Now
15 March 201910 April 201927 DaysApply Now
15 April 201910 May 201927 DaysApply Now
15 May 2019 10 June 201927 DaysApply Now
15 June 201910 July 201927 DaysApply Now
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15 November 2019 10 December 201927 DaysApply Now
15 December 202010 January 202027 DaysApply Now
15 February 202010 March 2020
27 DaysApply Now

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